Product Description

BJ Spring Implemented a modern technology for manufacturing Parabolic leaf spring. More than
100types in different shape and thickness 8mm to 4mm tapered and 50 mm to16 mm tapered
manufactured with fully customer satisfaction in India & the world market.
BJ Spring employs are trained by qualified engineers and each and everything follow by
strict discipline manner to achieve the goal best quality of parabolic spring in time.
Nowadays everybody knows that parabolic spring how to reduce weight and have a ride
comfort such as Volvo bus B.J. SPRING supply Volvo spring also.
BJ Spring have 4 CNC automatic parabolic M/C have good accuracy, scaling removing
system [with robot] operated by qualified trained technical staff.
They have always the tendency to maintained the temperature of the furnace also maintained
parabolic dimension by random inspection.

Specifications of Steel used

EN 45 51 Si7 SUP 6 9260/9255
EN 45A 55/Si7/65 Si7 SUP 7 9260
EN 47 50 CrV4 SUP 10 6150
EN 48 50 CrV3 SUP 11/11A 5150
EN 48A 67SiCr7 9254

Assembly Specifications

SPRING SPAN Up to 2500 mm
CAMBER Up to 250 mm
WEIGHT 2.0 Kgs-350 Kgs
ASSEMBLY 100% shot peening of leaves. Stress peening if required (as per customer’s specifications)
ALL FITMENTS Eye Bushes(bronze, stel or rubber) Clamp, Clamp Bolts, Centre Bolts, Nuts & Rivets (as per customer’s specifications).
INTER LEAF LUBRICATION Grease Graphite or Graphite Coating.
SURFACE COATING Red Oxide Black Paint / Zinc Rich Primer/ Galvanised Spring – Salt Spray Test from 150 to 600 hours as per customer requirements
PROTECTION Painting & Baking
TYPES OF MAIN + 2ND LEAF Normal or Berlin Eye
OTHER LEAF ENDS Parabolic, Plain, Tapered or Taper-rolled and Trimmed
TYPE OF FINISHES Zinc Rich Primer, Volvoline Coating, Enamel Paint or Galvanised

Quality Certificates

Quality Management System accredited by ISO & ISO/TS


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