Eye Rolling

The automatic hydraulic eye rolling machines ensure that each and every eye is properly made and there is no oval formation in the eye

Parabolic Rolling Machine

We have the most modern Parabolic Leaf Spring rolling machines which are computer controlled and are assisted by industrial robots.

The machine is capable of handling steel strips of upto 68 mm thickness. The walking beam for the parabolic machines uses LPG as fuel and is controlled by PID controllers.

Walking Beam Furnace

All Springs are processed through Walking Beam Furnace so as to ensure uniform heating, proper soaking time and temperature through automatic temperature controlling.

The temperature in the furnace is being controlled with PID controllers.

Quenching And Cambering

We have 2 lines for Quenching and Cambering. In each line quenching is done in a 40,000 litre capacity quenching oil tank complete with the conveyer and 8 staged cambering tool, so as to ensure the proper camber maintenance. This is done in order to avoid any re-cambering work during the assembly process.


All leaves are processed through the PID controlled tempering furnace so as to ensure uniform tempering of the Springs.

Shot peening & Stress Peening

We ensure that all the Leaf Springs are shot peened so as to ensure long life endurance of the springs. The leaves produced are finally tested for load, deflection and endurance.

We also do stress peening for Heavy Duty applications (like mining) on demand.


We follow the principal of 100% testing starting from the spectro test of the Raw material composition, Harness testing and Load testing.
The grades of raw material being used by us are as per BS, JIS, SAE, DIN & IS Standards. The most commonly used grades are 55 Si7 / 60Si7/65Si7, SUP 9/SUP 9A/SUP 11/ SUP 11A/ EN 45/ EN 45A, 50CrV4, however any other grade can be used based upon specific requirement of the customer.

Quality Certificates

Quality Management System accredited by ISO & ISO/TS


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