Heavy-Duty Trailer Manufacturers

For over 4 decades, B J Spring Limited manufacturing leaf springs for the heavy-duty trailer industry. From doing value engineering, New Designing, and redesigning, We have been able to satisfy the customers throughout the globe with quality products and cost-effectiveness.

Agricultural Trailer Manufacturers

The agricultural industry is tough on agricultural trailer leaf springs and spring steel components. When a standard leaf springs or spring steel component is used with equipment in highly corrosive environments or a more extreme application, the suspension system or component can die long before the equipment.

Boat Trailer Manufacturers

As a boat trailer manufacturers, you have a unique set of needs in regards to building the boat trailer suspension system. You need leaf springs that offer a smooth ride and can stand up to the elements. B J Spring Industries easily meets all of your needs, making us the

Specialty Vehicle Manufacturers

Specialty Vehicle Automotive leaf spring manufacturers are an important industry to B J Spring. From golf cars to small construction loaders specialty vehicles are tasked with transporting or loading people and products in the safest way possible. For over two decades, B J Spring Industries has helped specialty vehicle manufacturers

Open And Enclosed Trailer Manufacturers

Trailer manufacturers want to provide their clients with the best ride possible that will stand up to every application. That means it is essential to use the right leaf springs when building the suspension system. With ample choices available, B J Spring Industries has a leaf spring for every situation.

Quality Certificates

Quality Management System accredited by ISO & ISO/TS


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